domingo, 13 de outubro de 2013

Just let it be

I hope to be sure one day that real life is actually better then all the movies and love stories I've seen. Or that I can turn real life into full hapiness. I don't mean to live without problems or something like that. I mean having people around me that will always help me overcome it. The future seems so distant when we expect it. I testify that. I'm a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. I can't help it.  I just want a love. A marriage. A family. And I know there's someone out there for me. For each one of us. I don't know who he is yet. And I guess that only my choices and attitudes will lead me there.  Am I being crazy? I don't think so. After all, what is craziness anyway? Craziness is whatever we want it to be. So... Just let it be.

#OneStepCloser #Present #Hapiness #Future #Love #Eternity

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